Companies of all sizes and all industries endured volatile currency in 2020 with an over 130% overall quarterly increase. But not all companies suffered major losses. The companies that weathered the foreign exchange storm best were those with visibility and analytics where it was most critical: ​their FX Balance sheet​.

The companies presenting in this webinar, Kraton & Merck, were within two of the top five most impacted North American industries (Biotech/pharmaceuticals and machinery/equipment [CIR]). Yet, they both sailed through the currency storm despite being entirely different in terms of revenue size. In this webinar, we will explore in detail:

  • Using “actuals” for driving balance sheet hedging
  • Net monetary asset hedging
  • Using analytics for real-time, full-visibility
  • How FX technology suits corporates of any size

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Adam Bridgewater

Robert Swartwood

Finance Director, Merck

Jason Kennedy

Jason Kennedy  

Treasury Analyst, Kraton 

Andy Gage

Andy Gage

VP FX Risk Management Solutions, Kyriba