At the beginning of Q2 FY2020, currency impacts soared to 44% across the globe, an estimated $17.5B in losses, due to the Coronavirus shock.  The spike in currency volatility marks the seventh time in eight quarters that the quantified negative currency impacts have been more than $10 billion.

In this 30 minute Flash Briefing, Kyriba’s currency experts will highlight the findings from the Q2 Currency Impact report, including:

  • Which currencies made up the top 5 most impactful
  • Average EPS impact for North American companies and how it compares to benchmarks and recent performance
  • Which industries were hardest hit
  • How did companies alter their risk management programs in response to the volatility

Additionally, you will also receive a copy of the Q2 FY2020 Currency Impact Report.

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Wolfgang Koester


Andy Gage