On-Demand Webinar

Untapped Working Capital at Emerging Enterprises

Now more than ever, it is easy and achievable for companies of all sizes to roll out successful supply chain finance programs. Historically, this has not been the case, as buyers had to be investment grade and suppliers were only onboarded if there was $1M minimum spend, due to onerous onboarding and KYC processes.

Today, SCF programs are more available as non-bank investors are willing to provide capital to emerging companies whose assets are seen as attractive short-term high-yield for investors. Furthermore, technology is enabling more scale using electronic onboarding for suppliers who choose to take advantage of these programs.

In this 40-minute recording, learn how your organization can tap into its working capital by:

  • Understanding what makes SCF programs doable now
  • Why and how technology has created this opportunity
  • How working capital is essential to suppliers dealing with increasing demand

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