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Treasury Opportunities in Strategic Cash Forecasting

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, treasury teams have found themselves heavily focused on short-term forecasting in an effort to maintain cash flow. As companies now extend their planning horizons, they are relying on longer-term, strategic forecasting, which is traditionally developed by FP&A.

But CFOs who view strategic forecasting as solely FP&A's responsibility will miss key insights and understanding developed by treasury over the last couple of years. Treasury has an understanding of the dynamics of the cash flows and transactions that underpin forecasts from the short- to the long-term, and should be allowed to work cross-functionally with FP&A to develop strategic forecasts.

In this recording, Kyriba and AFP's Tom Hunt will explore:

  • Elements of strategic forecasting
  • How forecasting has changed dramatically throughout the pandemic
  • How treasury can cooperate with FP&A to strengthen strategic forecasting
  • How technology can improve the forecasting process.

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