Tuesday, October 19th 12pm ET / 9 am PT

1.2 CTP Credits

Blossoming companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 are running into a needing-to-be-solved obstacle: Payments & Bank Connectivity with the complexities of file formats, currencies, in multiple geographies through many payment systems. On top of that, these payments need to be secure and fraud resistant, while also being simple and friendly for business user groups in the finance organization. Enter Kyriba Payments for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In this 50-minute webinar with leading professional services firm RSM, we will discuss how MS Dynamics 365 + Kyriba will accelerate your bank connectivity and payments workflow, by:

  • Covering various payments scenarios
  • Maintaining integrations using Odata API model
  • How native processing won’t impact existing configurations
  • Mapping using Data Exchange or Microsoft’s extensibility architecture

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Anish Souri

Senior Solutions Engineer


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