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Top 5 Treasury Practices That Will Change Your 2023

Aired on Thursday, December 15th |12:00pm ET | Selected Moments Below

2022 was a year to remember, with extremes in every discipline: price volatility, unabated inflation, increasing borrowing rates, new forecasting demands, and the looming hope of real-time bank reporting.

As you prepare for the coming year, learn what your peers are putting into practice to make their treasury more financially resilient in 2023.
In this webinar, join Kyriba to hear the Top 5 Predictions that will impact treasury in 2023, including:

  • Real-Time Treasury - we will have real-time bank reporting, but will we be able to invest by the hour?
  • Artificial Intelligence - 2023 will be the year of the 'i's: APIs, AI, BI. How 'intelligent' can treasury software become in 2023?
  • Liquidity Planning - Liquidity is the hot word today. But how is liquidity planning different than cash forecasting?
  • Cash Forecasting - everyone forecasts in Excel "on the side". Is 2023 the year you can finally get away from spreadsheets?
  • Value Engineering - you will need a really strong business case to unlock that treasury budget. Value Engineering will be the key to the vault in 2023. 


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