Close to 50% of the globe’s most influential and powerful banks are collaborating with FinTechs to further service their clients (Strategic Treasurer 2019 survey). Further, these banks have labeled partnering with FinTech as their top focus regarding their annual spend to SCF. The emergence of FinTech Supply Chain Finance is positive news for the greater business community; it maintains the vital role of banks in financing while pushing the pace of innovation, technology, and functionality to replace legacy products.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss how to synergize a bank SCF program with a FinTech or realize a brand new SCF program, providing pointers on:

  • Why companies launch SCF programs
  • Differentiating & merging Bank-led and FinTech-led programs
  • Spotlighting critical factors for existing and new programs
  • Maximizing potential and value of SCF program

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Shruti Gupta

Business Value Consultant Kyriba

Gabriel Guerrero

Senior Solutions Engineer, Kyriba

Ken Cavazzi

Principal, Nitor Partners