COVID-19 that begun as a humanitarian crisis has morphed into an economic upheaval. The magnitude and reach of the pandemic are unprecedented. Everything has come to a grinding halt. Heightened uncertainty has become the norm. No one claim they were fully prepared for it and are now struggling to manage business on the fly.

Both demand and supply are succumbing to tremendous shocks in various industries whereas some key vital sectors (e.g., food, sanitary and medical supplies…)  are seeing significant, rarely seen, sudden demand surges. Such impacts have led to a tremendous strain on companies working capital to either just stay in business or support the shifted demand.

Listen as our panel of experts to learn more about how Treasury and other enterprise stakeholders (e.g. Procurement, Operation, Finance and IT) could tackle current working capital challenges holistically and develop mitigation strategies to address the current crisis. In addition, the panel will share ideas to enhance current competitive posture to take advantage of business opportunities once the economy rebounds.

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Thomas Gavaghan

Vice President, Global Presales

Cheik Daddah

Global Head of Value Engineering

Shruti Gupta

Value Engineer

Steven Otwell

Director of Payments