On-Demand Webinar

Public Sector’s Playbook for Payment Fraud Protection

State, local and agency level organizations are targeted at far higher rates than corporate organizations. While 75% of all organizations in 2020 were targeted for payment fraud, the public sector shares the bulk of that statistic with upwards of 95% of government entities at the state, local and agency level being targets of fraud attacks. With this level of expanded exposure, it is paramount for public sector entities to protect against payment fraud to avoid financial losses, credit downgrades and decreased public confidence.

With insights from the State of Illinois’ CIO, Joe Daniels, and Kyriba’s Public Sector Executive Director, Ashlee Hartman, this webinar discuss:

  • Myths around payment fraud
  • Common attempts by fraudsters
  • Where to get started with your payment fraud program
  • Controls, best practices & training methods to deter fraud

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