Wednesday December 8th | 9am PT | 12pm ET

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Payments remain a constant focus for CFOs, CIOs, controllers, purchasing managers, and treasurers, as inefficient payment processes can inhibit supply chains, cash flow and profitability. The recent push to optimize cash and working capital, combined with the increasing threat of cybercrime and payments fraud, amplify the need to centralize and standardize corporate payments. Further, secure and efficient payments are a result of connectivity to your banks and ERP systems. 

In this webinar, representatives from Kyriba and Accenture will discuss the foundation of today’s payments, and improvements that the finance organization can work towards, including:

  • Centralizing corporate payments 
  • Optimizing payments during SAP/Oracle ERP migrations
  • Considerations and benefits
  • The future of payments, (e.g., APIs, real-time payments)

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