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Recession ahead? Impact on Corporate Liquidity from the Student Debt Unfreeze

Aired Wednesday, September 6th | 2 pm ET

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In this first edition of The Liquidity Pulse, a webinar series where we delve into breaking headlines that impact Treasury and Finance teams, we'll discuss the impending end of the student loan freeze.

We'll be joined by Kevin Lammers, a seasoned financial leader and former CFO / Sr SVP of North America at Faurecia, to provide valuable insights into the challenges that lie ahead and strategies to safeguard your liquidity in the face of changing economic conditions. 

By the end of this live session, you will learn:

  • What industry leaders are predicting about the fallout after student loan repayments resume.
  • Strategies to deploy when facing down an unpredictable economic landscape.
  • What the CFO expects from their finance teams when planning for a volatile future.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain expert perspectives and actionable strategies to combat changing consumer spending habits as $480B that many borrowers had hoped to see forgiven, and is now (most likely) removed from the economy.

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