On-Demand Webinar

The Liquidity Pulse – Headlines That Impact The Lifeblood of Business

Stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of finance. Join us for The Liquidity Pulse, where industry experts come together to dissect headlines that impact the lifeblood of business – liquidity.

  • Massive Refinancing on the Horizon: How corporates will be hurt by higher interest rates in 2024.
  • FedNow: What needs to change to stimulate instant payments in the US?


This webinar hits on two key topics keeping CFO's and Treasurers up at night:

  • Refinancing at Higher Interest Rates - the yield curve is reshaping, putting CFOs and Treasurers in a difficult position about when to refinance and for what duration they should be committing to.
  • FedNow instant payments - FedNow is available, yet still seeing limited adoption by US corporates alongside Real-Time Payments.

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