On Demand: Client Success Webinar

How AMD Achieved 60% Reduction in P&L Volatility

Aired March 21st 2024


There is no shortage of headlines highlighting the billions of dollars Corporates are leaving on the table amidst the current FX challenges. To address these volatile market conditions, AMD uses Kyriba's end-to-end FX solution to manage their daily balance sheet hedging program, resulting in a remarkable 75% productivity improvement and a 60% reduction in FX impacts to the P&L.

Join Joshua Carbone, Senior Treasury Manager for AMD, as he discusses the seamless integration of their latest acquisition, Xilinx, into their hedging program and their strategies to further reduce P&L volatility and hedging costs.

Attendees will gain insights into best-in-class processes for:

  • Effective management of daily balance sheet exposure leveraging SAP’s daily feeds.
  • Using comprehensive exposure analytics and automated trading integration with FXall.
  • Understanding the complete accounting process for the hedging activities.

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