In an industry increasingly affected by a fluctuating geopolitical climate, regulations, and uncertainty, today's manufacturing and industrial enterprises have to adapt & transform in anticipation of the certain unpredictability that they frequently face.  To quell these stressors, enterprises must turn inward to the quiet pulse of the enterprise: treasury & finance.  Treasury & finance are the critical valve in the company body, staking and hedging present and future value of the business, by engaging in liquidity planning or delivery.

In this webinar, our panel considers how the active liquidity methodology standardizes, automates, and improves efficiency for treasury & finance in manufacturing and industrial enterprises, through:

  • Right-place, right-time liquidity anticipation
  • An upper-hand approach to FX exposure & hedging
  • A consolidated, transparent payments platform
  • Management of seasonal liquidity through working capital

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Kjell Aansloekken

Director, International Treasury MTD Products

Bojan Belejkovski

Treasurer, Joyson Safety Systems

Dory Malouf

Senior Principal Value Engineering, Kyriba