As custodians of the company’s monetary assets, CFOs and their teams are responsible for safeguarding the enterprise from threats to its financial health, especially those that can result from processes within the finance domain, such as accounts payable and treasury. As payment fraud incidents rise, finance and treasury must find ways to avoid a hit to the company’s bottom line and investor confidence. This webcast outlines five critical elements of creating an effective fraud prevention and detection framework.  

The experts from the Hackett Group and Kyriba discuss the approaches that can help organizations minimize the risk of fraud, as well as how to optimize your payments strategy:

  • Comprehensive and enforceable payment policies and rules

  • Embedding fraud prevention and detection procedures

  • Automating and digitizing payment processes

  • Consolidating payments workflow

  • Organizational procedures for fraud detection and prevention



Dory Malouf

Dory Malouf
Principal Value Engineer
Kyriba Corp.

Nilly Essaides

Nilly Essaides 
Senior Research Director Finance/ EPM/ FinOps
The Hackett Group


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