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5 Wins for TMS Owners (which you might not know)

Avant-garde treasury teams that are excelling at the essentials with their Treasury Management Systems (TMS) are asking, “What’s next for us?”.  Although 70% of treasurers reportedly use a TMS, survey data reveals that the majority are in the early to mid-stage of their treasury transformation, utilizing fewer manual processes and some automation in their workflows (Kyriba).  In order for treasurers to totally maximize their TMS investment, they must continue to extract more and more value through automation, consolidation, and enhancing integrations.

Satellite technologist Intelsat and Actualize Consulting share five additional ways to make the most of your TMS investment, to:

  • Continue centralizing
  • Balance cost and benefit
  • Manage integrations, including what should be automated
  • Use your TMS to help IT/Audit with fraud protection
  • Standardize and scale

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