Webinar Replay

Kyriba Demo Webinar Series: Bank Connectivity as a Service

Aired Tuesday, August 15th: 2:00pm ET

Kyriba connects to over 1,000 banks and more than 10,000 ERP instances, delivering the largest global network for ERP-to-bank connectivity. As one client recently put it, "we aren't in the payment formatting business nor do we want to be." So, how can Kyriba clients eliminate manual payments workload and minimize fraud risks through an end-to-end ERP to bank integration?


Kyriba’s Payments and Connectivity expert Steven Otwell will show how Kyriba can:

  • Accelerate your ERP-to-bank connectivity project by months or years.
  • Extensively reduce the total cost of bank connectivity.
  • Stop adding bank formats to IT's to-do list and speed up your ISO 20022 XML migration.

If your organization is moving your ERP to the cloud, evaluating an ISO 20022 XML upgrade, or embedding banking and treasury processes into other workflows, you won't want to miss this session.

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