Managing balance sheet FX exposure in a daily vs. single rate is an often discussed treasury topic in corporate risk mitigation. There are different results and perspectives, with a void left for real data and results to be shared in the space. With support from Kyriba clients, research has been gathered that examines trends related to FX accounting rate usage across industries, company sizes, geographies, and ERP landscapes.

In this recording with medical device company, Align Technology, and technology distribution giant, Tech Data, we will:

  • Share FX accounting rate benchmarking research (single vs. daily rate)
  • Examine the contrasting approaches to exposure management
  • Discuss applicable best practices
  • Highlight technology that can enhance efficiency and effectiveness

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Featured Presenters

Andy Gage

VP, FX Risk Management Solutions, Kyriba

Svitlana Murray

Treasury Director,

Tech Data

Laura Fisher

Financial Risk Manager,

Align Technology


Practice Director,