On-Demand Webinar

APIs: The Catalyst for Real-Time Treasury

APIs are becoming a very popular buzzword in treasury, payments, finance, in part to deliver on the promise of open banking and real-time connectivity between systems. While APIs offer great efficiencies for bank and ERP connectivity, there is a bigger prize for CFOs and Treasurers than a quicker implementation or quicker exchange of information.

In this presentation, Kyriba’s Bob Stark is joined by API specialist Felix Grevy, chief product owner for APIs at Kyriba, to discuss how APIs are a catalyst for finance teams to completely change the way they access and consume information and the apps that they will use to automate and manage data-driven decision making. Key topics include:

  • APIs for bank and ERP connectivity
  • Instant payments
  • Real-time bank reporting
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • App marketplaces

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