Aired Wednesday June 29 | 11:00am ET | Selected Moments Below

The ‘perfect storm’ of market volatility: currency headwinds, inflation, interest rates, commodity prices and cost of hedging. CFOs and Treasurers are more challenged than any time in our professional careers to protect balance sheets and liquidity. The VIX is at near unprecedented levels; VAR is up 200%; and CEOs of large cap US multinationals are restating earnings and revenue again and again to signal they can weather the storm.

In this session, financial strategist Bilal Hafeez and Kyriba’s Andy Gage will deliver critical insight into market volatility, macroeconomic challenges, hedging strategies, and new 2022 challenges that can be overcome as you scramble to protect balance sheets and enterprise liquidity.

Key discussion points:
• Currency headwinds, rising interest rates, and expectations for the remainder of 2022
• How treasury teams can support CEO earnings, revenue and cash flow guidance
• How CFOs and Treasurers are establishing new risk guidelines
• Reducing vulnerability to market volatility – including using VAR to increase hedging efficiency

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Featured Presenters

Bilal Hafeez

Founder and CEO

Macro Hive

Bob Stark

Global Head of Market Strategy


Andy Gage

SVP FX Technology & Advisory Services