Stronger economic headwinds and surging market volatility are putting CFOs into a state of alert. While cost-cutting has been the traditional go-to strategy for companies preparing for tougher economic times, the game has changed: Digital transformation has intensified competition, so companies must not only become cost efficient but also continue to invest in new technologies and capabilities, while having the financial wherewithal to take advantage of emerging opportunities. So what can CFOs and treasurers do better balance growth and risk regardless of market conditions?

According to the experts at The Hackett Group and Kyriba, the answer lies in rethinking how corporate liquidity can be used to transform value and growth. Download this webinar to learn how a new type of strategic liquidity management can:

  • Enable 100% real-time information transparency
  • React to crises and unexpected developments in financial markets and banking
  • Protect against global FX risk
  • Centralize global payments to improve efficiency, reduce fraud
  • Increase free cash flow
  • Transform data into intelligence to maximize enterprise value

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Eric Ball

General Partner

Impact Venture Capital

Cheik Daddah

Global Head of Value Engineering


Nilly Essaides

Senior Research Director

Hackett Group