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How Can Global Organizations Navigate Currency and Interest Rate Risk?

Aired Wednesday August 10 | 12:00pm ET | Selected Moments Below

Global multinationals are experiencing sensitivity to currency headwinds and rising interest rates, causing market conditions that have not been seen in a lifetime. Uncertainty can leave companies feeling vulnerable and looking for expert analysis to help them navigate through the abyss. 

Currency headwinds across North America and Europe have begun to materially impact liquidity and earnings per share (EPS). This leaves CFOs, Risk Managers and Treasurers asking: what is on the horizon? How do I navigate? And what can I do? 

Join Kyriba as we explore in-depth analysis of the currency trends for the Second Quarter of 2022, the effect it had on global organizations and how to prepare for the future.  
Key Takeaways

  • In-depth analysis on how volatility in the currency market affected Q2 earnings 
  • Currency headwinds, rising interest rates, and expectations for the remainder of 2022
  • How treasury teams can support CEO earnings, revenue and cash flow guidance
  • How CFOs and Treasurers are establishing new FX risk guidelines

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