The Coronavirus has brought an unprecedented disruption to the global workforce. It has also led to a significant increase in payment fraud attempts, which are reportedly up 667% from February to March, as criminal fraudsters are exploiting gaps and control issues in corporate payment workflows as finance teams struggle to operationalize while working from home. In this webinar, the expert panel discusses renewed efforts by cybercriminals, what strategies may be more effective in this time of crisis, and what CFOs and finance teams can be doing to defend against this increase in payments attacks and stay resilient against fraud and cybercrime.

Key points include:

  • New fraud phishing schemes 
  • Using more than UserID and password 
  • Leveraging machine learning to detect fraud
  • Maintaining consistency of controls while remote

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Bob Stark

VP Strategy, Kyriba


Steven Otwell

Director, Payments, Kyriba


Sarah Vidmar

Director, Risk Advisory, Clearsulting