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Currency Collision Course: FX Headwinds & USD Strength

Aired Wednesday, November 9nd |12:00pm ET | Selected Moments Below

FX volatility has hit major global currencies, rather than just a handful of emerging markets, which is resulting in the largest magnitude of FX related headwinds ever seen since global FX impact data has been tracked.

In fact, the latest estimate from CNBC is that global multinationals have FX risk in excess of $50 billion. 

Join us for a live event with an in-depth analysis of the currency trends observed in Q3-'22, the impact it is having on global organizations, and how to adapt to a challenging market. 

Key takeaways:

  • How volatility in the currency market impacted Q3 earnings 
  • Forecast currency headwinds, interest rates, and expectations for Q4
  • How treasury teams can support CEO & CFO earnings, revenue and cash flow guidance
  • How CFOs and Treasurers are establishing new FX risk guidelines

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