Thursday, June 2 | 11:00am PT | 2:00pm ET

1.2 CTP Credits (pending)

Up to 90% of CFOs and CIOs report payments and financial fraud attempts, and cyber threats are growing more complex with intelligent technology. That makes proactive fraud detection and response programs a top priority for CEOs and their boards.

In this CTP accredited session, cybersecurity and fraud experts from Corelight and Kyriba will outline strategies to actively defend financial workflows and data from fraud and cybercrime. They’ll also show you how to build out incident response programs to maximize protection end-to-end.

Key discussion points:

  • Current geo-political and macro-economic environment spotlighting sophisticated technologies being used in cyberwarfare and fraud incidents
  • The need for real-time fraud detection to protect liquidity
  • Building connective tissue (or muscle memory) between your fraud and 
    threat hunting/IR programs 
  • Building the business case to invest in detection and response programs
  • Opportunities for CFOs, CIOs and CISOs to heighten internal and external security

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Featured Presenters

Bernard Brantley

Chief Information Security Officer


Bob Stark

Global Head of Market Strategy


Dory Malouf

Director of Value Engineering (NORAM) 


Sarvang Shah

Senior Sales Executive