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Kyriba FX to Mitigate Currency Risk

Aired on March 28th |11:00am ET | Selected Moments Below

Increased foreign exchange volatility expected to continue for the foreseeable future combined with rising hedging costs, FX Risk Management is proving to be one of the most difficult objectives handed down from the office of the CFO.

How do Treasurers and FX teams tackle this objective effectively ?

Join us for a live demonstration to see how Kyriba can seamlessly aggregate your FX exposures, automate hedge recommendations and help optimize the cost of hedging programs.

Topics to be covered:

  • Best practices to optimize your Balance Sheet Hedging.
  • How to use analytics to uncover internal exposure reduction strategies.
  • How to automate and streamline your hedging decision making process.
  • How to use advanced risk analytics to reduce your hedging cost.
  • How to leverage powerful business intelligence analytics to drive continuous improvement.

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