Business continuity planning (BCP) is one of the most important functions an organization can fulfill. This was true before the global COVID-19 pandemic and is now, more than ever, critical to ensuring an organization’s survival in times of crisis.

In normal times, BCP is thought about as a short-term set of institutionalized procedures and technology components designed to fill gaps when minor disruptions occur. However, extreme crises may require a fundamental change in the way business continuity planning is approached, especially when it comes to treasury.

This Treasury in Practice guide offers excellent tips on creating a stronger business continuity plan to help companies adapt to the current state of the world and be prepared for any future organizational disruptions, addressing topics such as:

  • Adapting to changes in work processes
  • Updating and testing technology
  • Securing liquidity
  • Testing security
  • How to best plan for returning to the office

Read the latest AFP TiP guide to better understand best practices for business continuity planning, including maintaining business operations, upholding a consistent level of security and protection from fraud and cybercrime, better managing organizational liquidity, and utilizing technology to make treasury, and the organization as a whole, safer.

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