On-Demand Webinar

Industry Focus: Manufacturing

If you are in the manufacturing industry, this session, presented by Strategic Treasurer, will focus on issues critical to your company. Be ready to engage. Topics are expected to include the following:

  • FX Risk Management. Volatility continues, and for most manufacturers, FX is one of the top risks to manage. What are others doing to manage these risks?
  • Cashflow Forecasting. Dealing with changing market conditions requires excellent forecasting. What methods and techniques are working well?
  • Scalability. Making your treasury team scalable requires modern technology, staff that is current on the issues and tech, and relevant treasury structures. How are your peers adapting to create a more scalable treasury?
  • Counterparty Risk Management. Greater headwinds and company insolvencies are increasing. Concerns about banking partners are not to be ignored. What are the new expectations for identifying, calibrating, and managing counterparty risk?


CTP Credits: This session is approved for up to 1.04 CTP/CCM credits. Upon completion of the session, you must take the quiz made available in platform and achieve a score of 80% of more to receive the Confirmation of Attendance. 

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