During these times of accelerated growth and change, interest in supply chain finance solutions that can provide thorough evaluation and analysis is rapidly increasing. The Supply Chain Finance (SCF) & Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC ) Analyst Report will cover a variety of solutions that address pain points in the cash conversion cycle, specifically SCF (supply chain finance) solutions, accounts payable automation systems, and accounts receivable automation systems. The report will cover:

  • The relationship between treasury, technology (including emerging technologies), and cash conversion cycle solutions
  • The relevance of these solutions in business continuity planning and times of disruption and volatility
  • The various SCF models
  • The navigation of challenges such as international legal and jurisdictional issues, supplier participation, and internal corporate conflicts

Finally, it will offer a working capital checklist, which will guide the reader through ideas such as forming working capital councils, establishing a single set of KPIs, understanding suppliers, addressing communication issues, and monitoring usage to refine the approach.

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