We believe that Gartner research "Winning in the Turns: A Supply Chain Action Guide" provides insights to corporate leaders faced with the challenge of accelerating business growth in a recession or economic downturn. The premise of this Gartner research is, "top performers defy conventional thinking during disruptions. The most successful take risks in 'the turns,' which can be economic, geopolitical, environmental, social or competitive."

The priority for supply chain leaders, according to the "Winning in the Turns: A Supply Chain Action Guide" from Gartner Managing Vice President Michael Uskert is being prepared to lead by building agility into systems, processes and decision making. Uskert suggests that 'turns' indicate a need for leaders to change their strategic approach in order to win.

In this essential guide, supply chain leaders will find:

  • What is a turn and how do leaders prepare for one?
  • What it means to win!
  • How to prepare to act with confidence
  • Questions every supply chain executive should ask about strategy, resources and staffing


Gartner Winning in the Turns: A Supply Chain Action Guide, Michael Uskert, 3 September 2019

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