For companies to grow, they need money. And for many companies, there is a secret, untapped source of liquidity trapped in company accounts and operations that can aid that growth. However, it can be difficult not only to identify that cash and where it is hiding but also to release that liquidity across the company.

Investing in a TMS is a great start, but many innovative companies are putting forth an additional, new approach to better manage liquidity - developing the role of a ‘chief liquidity officer.’ 

This eBook introduces the chief liquidity officer as a strategic member of treasury and details how adding this role to your c-suite can result in:

  • Better return on investments
  • Fewer missed earnings targets
  • Improved liquidity performance
  • Faster growth thanks to an increase in available liquidity

Download this white paper to learn about the additional benefits and growth potential associated with appointing a chief liquidity officer. 

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