The global interest rate benchmark, London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), will lose its status and likely be replaced by 2022.  Having been a hallmark in treasury the past 30 years, this shift has generated a great deal of uncertainty, leaving those in the market to make choices without a widely held consensus or waiting for others to choose.  While waiting for further clarity has been an attractive option, resources will stretch thin by 2021, causing a sharp rise in risk for being last to decide.  

This Treasury-in-Practice (TiP) guide intends to support these difficult choices, providing the latest on the market’s expected changes which will be crucial in helping corporate treasury departments prepare and protect for the transition from Libor and ensure positive outcomes for their treasury portfolios.

Topics within the guide include : 

  • Understanding why Libor is being replaced
  • Suggesting where to look for Libor exposure within your organization
  • Providing guidance on SOFR and Ameribor Libor replacements.
  • Discussing the latest thinking in regards to migration, fallbacks and spread adjustments.

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