A Strategic Approach to Managing Corporate Liquidity

Economic headwinds and surging market volatility have put CFOs into high alert. Traditionally, cost-cutting has been the go-to strategy for dealing with margin pressure. However, digital transformation and innovation have disrupted market dynamics, accelerating the speed of change and intensifying competition. 

To remain successful, companies must invest in new tools and capabilities to spur growth, even as they tighten their belts. 

Treasury can help them do both. Download this new Hackett Group report to learn how a more strategic approach to managing enterprise-wide liquidity, enabled by cloud technology, can help:

  • Enhance decision support by providing real-time visibility into global cash and risk
  • Protect against losses from FX risk, and better prevent payments fraud
  • Increase free cash flow through working capital optimization
  • Free more time to spend on strategic initiatives via cloud automation

Download this exclusive new report today to learn how your organization can continue to pursue an aggressive growth agenda in volatile markets, while still protecting against risk.

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