The current global and economic state has highlighted the growing need for treasury and finance team to focus on activating their liquidity. And doing so has become increasingly easy with technology.

So how does treasury leverage technology to activate liquidity and generate new growth, and what does it gain by doing so? In this guide, we explore this in greater detail by asking seven treasury management experts from different industries the following questions:

  • How does expanding the scope of treasury to be inclusive of cash, risk, payments and working capital increase enterprise value?
  • How do you most effectively manage FX risk exposure, and why is it important to do that?
  • What are the advantages of centralizing and standardizing global payment processes through a single system?
  • What are the advantages of centralizing the management of free cash flow and liquidity in your organization?
  • What level of integration is necessary to get a true, real-time view of cash and liquidity, and how would that real-time data enhance decision making and performance?

Download this guide to read their answers, gain a better understanding of how they manage liquidity and learn the benefits they have realized from having greater visibility into cash, payments, risk and working capital.

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