A New Practice Area Emerges for CFOs: Enterprise-wide Liquidity Management

The IDC White Paper commissioned by Kyriba validates the emergence of a new practice area in Enterprise IT that includes risk management, payments, real-time connectivity, treasury management and working capital optimization.

Download this report to understand more about the emerging trends and critical areas of practice that define how leading companies can outperform in operational efficiency, technology adoption, and process maturity.

  • Enterprise Liquidity Management: 51% of leaders can produce a consolidated view of cash and liquidity in under one hour compared to 8% of the less equipped companies;
  • Risk Reduction: 79% of leaders have implemented very effective payment fraud prevention and 69% of them effectively hedge to protect their liquidity;
  • Real-Time Decisions: 93% of leaders leverage real-time insights, while 85% of them have integrated data from partners and third-party members into their enterprise platforms.

The IDC White Paper, doc #US48341221 commissioned by Kyriba, A New Practice Area Emerges for CFOs: Enterprise-wide Liquidity Management, is based on a survey conducted online by IDC in August 2021 amongst 811 treasurers based in the US (31%), Europe (53%) and Asia (16%).

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