Everything we do is in the cloud, and treasury technology is no exception. Yet with looming threats such as fraud and cybercrime, CFOs and Treasurers have questions about how their data and cash can be safe in the cloud.

In this recording, industry experts from Kyriba's Security and Risk Governance teams explain how, if managed properly with the right tools and procedures, a cloud treasury system can be safer than installed software and how your CIO, CTO, and CISO can sleep soundly knowing that treasury is well protected. 

Specific topics include: 

  • Why should treasury care about data security? 
  • What questions should treasury be asking? 
  • How does IT help/hurt the evaluation? 
  • What is an example of a 'bad' cloud system? 
  • How do I sound impressive in front of IT? 




Bob Stark

Bob Stark
VP Strategy, Kyriba




Eric Adams

Eric Adams
VP, Information Security, Kyriba




Bob Stark

Director of Technical Sales Enablement , Kyriba



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