The global working capital shortfall is estimated at upwards of two trillion dollars. While many organizations consider stretching payment terms to extend DPO, this pressures suppliers and increases risk of disruption in the supply chain ecosystem. Supply Chain Finance -integrated with cash management and payments technology - offers a win-win alternative to improve working capital and reduce supplier risk.

While Supply Chain Finance is commonplace in Europe, US CFOs and finance teams have less awareness. Play back this webinar to understand how supplier financing can add 15%+ return to your organization and reduce risk in the supply chain. Key topics include:

  • Identifying organizational goals and three keys to success in supplier financing
  • Global working capital shortfall
  • The negative impact of a "mandate culture"
  • Why it matters to have the right stakeholders at the table
  • Presentation slides:

    Unlocking cash with SCF webinar_6-23-16_Kyriba & Ardent Partners from Kyriba Corporation


    Christopher J. Dwyer
    Research Director & VP of Operations, Ardent Partners

    Eric Riddle
    EVP Supply Chain Finance, Kyriba

    Joe Brown
    Director, Supply Chain Finance, Kyriba

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