Foundation of Successful Cash Flow Forecasting 

Forecasting is potentially one of the hardest tasks undertaken by treasury teams, with its requirement for precision and accuracy and its ability to drive a company’s strategic growth, or hold it back if it all goes wrong! Treasuries are constantly seeking to fine-tune their cash forecasting, and the pressure will only increase over the next couple of years as parking their short-term cash is complicated by new regulations affecting banks and money funds.

During this webinar, we will go over some of the common problems associated with developing an accurate cash forecast and how to proactively get ahead of those obstacles, as well as:

  • The impact of inaccurate, incomplete or out of date data 
  • Tools for securing accurate and reliable real-time data from across the organization
  • Your cash flow forecasting checklist for better business intelligence


Speaking Panel:

R.B. Erickson, Director of North American Pre-Sales

Valerio Trinchi, Global Treasury Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP


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