An Action Plan for Improved Cash Visibility in 2015

Cash visibility will continue to be the foremost objective for corporate treasury teams in 2015, as better accuracy of current and projected cash balances enables more effective  investment, deployment, and protection of cash from risk exposures.

Innovative treasurers will continue to strive for improvement through streamlining internal processes, minimizing financial costs for external borrowing and overdrafts, not to mention optimizing returns on surplus cash, with direct and indirect impact on the creditworthiness of the enterprise and interest income/expense performance.

During this webinar, Bob Stark and Kyriba client Steven Walden, Manager, Treasury Operations at Mercy Health, will discuss:

  • Best practices to optimize cash visibility
  • How to make decisions around which accounts you need to have visibility
  • Tips to maximize connectivity to banks but minimize costs
  • Strategies to increase the accuracy of cash forecasting​ 


Steven Walden, Manager, Treasury Operations - Mercy Health

Guy Simons, Assistant Treasurer - TRW Automotive

Bob Stark, VP Product Strategy - Kyriba Corporation


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